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Child Custody

Child custody in Youngstown, Ohio

Parents would likely agree that the hardest part about ending a marriage is taking from their children two full-time parents. Whatever the final agreement is, the children will be transported between two households and will have to reconcile the limited time with both parents.

At the law firm of Jill K. Landau, when families are splitting up, the priority is to obtain the best arrangement possible as quickly as possible, so your family can begin moving forward. Nothing is more important than the ability of the parents to begin building a stable and loving relationship with their children in a new reality.

When a contested divorce involves the care of children, the law dictates that a judge is tasked with determining child custody in Canfield, Youngstown, and anywhere is Ohio. The goal of the court is to determine and execute a directive that is in the best interest of the children. Learn more about Ohio’s child custody laws.

Jill Landau’s years of experience with court proceedings and custody matters will enable you to work with the court system as your case progresses. The judge needs cooperation and flexibility from parents in order to determine the best arrangement for the children involved. A final decision could be sole custody for one parent with visitation for the other, or joint custody, in which parents have equal time with the children. Where visitation is part of the decision, the judge will provide a schedule that sets weekend and holiday visits for the non-custodial parent. It is important the parents both understand and abide by these orders.

Rely on Jill Landau to work with you when your divorce involves children, and to help you prepare for custody hearings so that you can present your case for providing the best environment possible for your children, whether you seek sole custody or joint custody.

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