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Contempt issues in Youngstown, Ohio

Unfortunately, agreements and court orders, as they relate to divorce and child care, are not always followed. When this occurs, contempt actions may be used to obtain compliance.

The most common issues addressed in contempt proceedings involve parenting and visitation rights, requirements for joint decision-making, and child support. Usually a problem occurs when one parent does not cooperate with set visitation plans or when a parent fails to pay their child support as directed by a court order. When one party files a contempt motion with the court showing that the other party understood and was able to comply with the order, the judge will determine what sanctions are appropriate in order to compel compliance.

Contempt issues can become serious when a party willfully and repeatedly disobeys a court order, and sanctions can escalate to jail time.

Jill Landau has extensive experience working with families as they attempt to navigate divorce, and child support and visitation matters, with the goal to obtain the most fair and reasonable terms possible for you. Sometimes a contempt situation is unavoidable. Let the professionals at the law firm of Jill K. Landau help you solve these problems as quickly as possible, and preferably avoid the stress and difficulty that a contempt issue can cause for your family.

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