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Child Support

Child support in Youngstown, Ohio

Whether you are anticipating a legal decision regarding child support as you enter divorce or separation proceedings, are seeking to get child support established, or need assistance modifying a child support judgment, competent legal advice is critical in settling on an arrangement that best serves the emotional and financial well-being of you and your family.

Ohio judges follow a specific calculator when determining child support. Working with a total dollar amount that is considered necessary for each child, a determination is then made as to what percentage of that amount is the responsibility of each parent, based upon what percentage of the total family income that parent earns. Each parent’s total income is calculated using his or her salary, including commissions and bonuses, as well as income from rental properties, pensions, dividends, interest income, and income from a trust or annuity. Since these numbers can change from year to year, it is important to be aware of their status and understand that modifications are possible.

One of the most significant changes faced by divorced couples is the financial burden of child and spousal support. The calculations and paper work related to this process can be confusing. Jill Landau has experience working with the details and variables that can impact the court’s decision regarding child support obligations, and can obtain a judgment that is fair and appropriate for you.

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