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Parental Visitation Rights

Parental visitation rights in Youngtown, Ohio

When a family breaks up, visitation becomes a lifeline for a child and the non-custodial parent. Visitation time also is a crucial part of a child’s development when he or she resides with an unmarried parent.

Jill Landau understands that in today’s society, where the nuclear family is no longer the norm, many children will never have the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with their non-custodial parent unless reasonable visitation is established and maintained. Statistics have shown that overall, children are happier, more successful and better adjusted when they have consistent care from and loving relationships with both parents.

When divorce, dissolution or separation is the best solution for you and your spouse, Jill Landau works with you to establish custodial and visitation options that will provide the best opportunity for your children to maintain meaningful relationships with both of you.

Unmarried fathers

It is a common misconception that unmarried fathers automatically have visitation rights with their children. In actuality, an unmarried father must establish paternity and obtain a court order granting him visitation rights in Youngstown, or anywhere in Ohio. Filing the proper documents is key in this process and can provide for the father such options as shared parenting and partial custody, in addition to visitation rights.

Whether you are seeking to establish visitation rights with your child for the first time, or seeking to have your current visitation schedule adjusted, trust Jill Landau to work for the best arrangement for you and your child.

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